Many disputes between neighbours are about trees hanging over the other person’s property. It is often a difficult situation for people to be in as you don’t want to cause any upset between neighbours.

If your neighbour’s tree hangs over your garden this is called encroachment, you are legally allowed to cut back the tree so that it no longer hangs over your property, but only to where the border of your home ends. The best way to go about this is to first of all ask your neighbour in a polite manner if they would mind cutting back their tree, as it is blocking the light going into your garden or is making it look unsightly. If they refuse, then advise them that you will be cutting it back from your side.

After speaking to your neighbour, it is best to speak to the local authorities about whether the tree is a protected. If it’s not then you can start to make arrangements for it to be cut back. It is best to get a professional in to cut back the branches as it can be extremely dangerous. The height at which the tree needs to be cut as well as the equipment used could be unsafe for yourself as well as others.

We here at Day Tree Services are professional tree surgeons. We have the skills, experience and equipment to ensure the job is carried out safely and to a high quality. Remember anything that has been removed from the tree is legally the owner’s, so if there has been any fruit on the branches you have removed you should offer it back to your neighbour, they don’t however have to accept it.

There are many reasons as to why you may want to cut back a tree hanging over your property, whether it is for safety reasons, to avoid the damage of any property, aesthetics or to increase the light entering your garden, we here at Day Tree Services can help. For more information on our tree surgery services call us on 01487 81 3959.

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