Like your home, your garden needs to be adjusted to suit your requirements and tastes. It may be that you have recently moved into a new house and want to put your stamp on it, or are starting a family and want to create a safe environment for them to play in. Whatever the reason, you should make sure that you garden is not left unattended so that it grows to an unmanageable forest at the back of your house.

We here are Day Tree Services have over 35 years’ experience in the gardening industry, as well as a vast amount of experience in the landscaping aspect of garden services.

Whether you have moved home or you are starting a family in your current home, you need to ensure the garden not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but is safe for children to play in. We can create the perfect garden for you and your family with our landscaping services. Many aspects need to be considered such as your fencing, is it secure enough? You need to ensure that there are no small gaps that babies can crawl through or children can get stuck in. It also needs to be safe in the fact that not only does it keep your children in; it keeps any unwanted guests out.

Having a seating area to enable you to keep an eye on the children playing is always a good start. Decking is a fantastic idea for this. Not only does it give a bit more dimension to your garden, it provides a secure area for tables and chairs. If this is not something you want, we can also create a patio area that will do the same job.

We can create a play area for you children, whether it is for a swing and slide set or a sandpit. This can be off to one side or an addition to your grass. We understand that although a garden is something that most parents think of as a space for their kids, they can also be a relaxing place for adults to retire to. That’s why we can create an aesthetically pleasing garden with an array of flowers and shrubbery combined with the safety features of a child friendly garden. We can discuss plants that can be included in your garden, ensuring there is nothing poisonous or harmful about them.

Day tree services not only provide hard and soft landscaping, we also provide a maintenance service. We understand that everyone wants a beautiful garden, but not everyone can or wants to put the time and effort in to maintain it. That’s why we can create your beautiful, child friendly garden, and maintain it to ensure it looks just as good throughout the year.

So if you’re looking for landscaping in Peterborough, Day Tree Services are the people to call. We offer free fixed priced quotes, and work around your budget and requirements. For more information on our services call us today on 01487 81 3959, or send us an email through our online form.

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