Groundcare & Landscaping

Landscape Gardeners in Cambridgeshire

We offer two distinct services within this area, the regular maintenance and care of grounds and gardens, and the landscaping of gardens. Our landscape gardeners will work with you to help you make the most out of your garden space and create a visually appealing outdoor space. Our landscapers work to a high standard and have the skills to transform your garden. Our landscape gardeners serve Cambridge and the surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire.

We are proficient in garden care and currently have a number of large commercial clients with whom we manage a range of sites, with our landscape gardeners. We can provide various levels of garden maintenance services from simple weed control, through to lawn care, border maintenance and garden clearance. Also associated to this we can provide caretaking services to communal sites, for example bin cleaning, cleaning of communal stair blocks, rubbish removal, etc.


Garden Clearance

We here at Day Tree Services, offer a wide range of garden services including garden clearance. If you are looking to revamp your garden so that it is more visually pleasing, and so it can become somewhere that you will enjoy spending time in, then give us a call today. We can help with garden clearance and we enjoy assisting in creating a more appealing outdoor environment. Our team of experienced gardeners and landscapers are committed to undertaking each project to a high standard. So if you require garden clearance throughout the Cambridgeshire area, give Day Tree a call today!

We also offer a garden maintenance service that may be of interest to you, which helps to keep your garden looking its best. We provide this to both domestic and commercial customers. We have extensive experience of working with big commercial clients. We therefore have the skills to manage a range of grounds from small gardens to large commercial sites. If you would like more information about our garden maintenance services, please refer to our groundcare page or contact us by telephone or via our online contact form. If you are looking for someone to undertake garden maintenance in Cambridgeshire contact our experienced team.

Maintenance & Turf

As well as full landscaping projects we also recognize that not everyone is a keen gardner, or has the requirement for intensive building works, so we offer competitive rates for simple lawn provision whether this be by turfing or laying a lawn to seed. You may also be interested in our fencing and tree surgery services. To contact one of our tree surgeons, call us on the number above or contact us through our contact form.

Case Studies

Fire damaged turf. Our client had his conifer hedge set alight by arsonists, resulting in large areas of his lawn being scorched by the heat. We planted a new hedge, we cut out the old lawn, leveled the ground and laid approximately 400m² of turf to the rear garden returning it to it’s previous splendour. One happy customer!




Experienced Landscapers

Our landscape gardeners cover and can also offer landscaping services throughout Cambridgeshire, Bedford, Huntingdon, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

There are many factors that go towards making the perfect garden space, and here at Day Tree we can take care of most of them, however your fencing is one element that can spoil all of your hard work if you neglect it.

We only use the very best materials for our garden fencing to ensure we deliver a product that will stand the test of time as well as look great.

Here at Day Tree Services we can do more than provide exceptional commercial and domestic fencing, as we also provide a range of additional exterior design and landscaping solutions.

Working with our clients we will discuss your requirements, tastes, and can either work to your exact design, or design for you a space that hopefully will leave you breathless. We also provide tree surgeon services. Get in touch to see what other garden maintenance options can our landscapers offer to you.

  • Soft Landscaping

     You may spend a lot of time in your garden, but feel you need a slight change or a flowerbed may have outgrown it’s welcome. With planned removal of plants, replanting, maybe altering the shape of borders or lawns, we can quickly and easily refresh and rejuvenate your sacred space.

  • Hard Landscaping

    Where a more drastic approach is required, our landscape gardeners can provide hard landscaping options to our clients to completely transform your outside space.

    Maybe you have moved and feel you wish to put your own stamp on the garden. Or have just had building work that has altered your green shape or left you in a bit of a mess. If so our landscapers can offer a range of options including patios, decking, fencing, ornamental and various other features that will transform your garden into an extension of your home.

Case Studies

Our client has a picturesque garden, yet on the boundary the fence had definitely seen better days. We removed the old fence panels and posts and installed a new post and rail fence from scratch, offering a nice backdrop and a tidy finish for years to come. All it remains to do is plant a few new shrubs and hey presto!