Tree Surgery

Tree Surgeons in Cambridgeshire

We are a long established tree care business with over twenty years’ experience in the industry, providing services for the management and removal of trees in Cambridgeshire and across the East of England. Our tree surgeons are highly trained with a wealth of experience covering all aspects of tree work.

‘Tree surgery’, has become a widely used term to describe all manners of tree work. Here at Day Tree Services, we like to think of the work we do as tree care, and prioritise the long term care and management of your trees above all else. Obviously from time to time trees do need to be removed, and we are happy to provide this service should it be necessary.

We will undertake jobs of any size or type, from the pruning and care of small trees and shrubs, up to the largest of specimens, including the following services:

  • Visual tree inspections and Surveys / TPO & Conservation Area planning applications.

  • Stump Grinding.

  • Removal of large or unwanted trees.

  • Dead wood removal, crown thinning, crown reduction or lifting and formative pruning of juvenile trees.

  • Planting

  • Hedge Management & one-off trimming

Covering Cambridge & Beyond

Within our work as a tree surgeon, it is our aim is to maintain the environment around us and keep our local trees in Cambridge healthy and safe. In doing this we try to work within the following parameters:

  • Pruning

    The three main reasons for wanting to prune a tree are based on safety, health or aesthetics. If a tree has become dangerous for any reason, we can prune it to remove the risk and allow the tree to flourish in its environment without being dangerous to people, property or other hazards such as power cables.

    Where a tree has become unhealthy, maybe part of the tree is diseased, insect infested or wind damaged, then by pruning the tree we can promote strong healthy growth for the future. Aesthetically we might prune to stimulate flower production, or just to enhance the natural form of a tree.

  • Removal

    Tree removal we look at as a last resort, but understand that it is sometimes a necessity. It might be that a tree is dangerous to the point where pruning has become impossible, or that a site needs clearing, or may also be that a tree has outgrown its natural habitat, especially in small gardens. We see trees that were sold as slow growers but grew taking over and covering a garden in shade very quickly.

    Whatever the requirements you have, then rest assured we will deliver the best solution for both you as our customer and for the environment where we are working.

  • Legislation

    We will gladly liaise with local councils to check for tree preservation orders, and if your gardens are covered by other covenants such as conservation areas or sites of special interest, and submit any applications to carry out work legally on such trees on your behalf.

    Our highly trained tree surgeons are also able to offer a whole range of other garden services across Cambridgeshire including landscaping, fencing, garden clearance and garden maintenance – contact us today for details