Wildflower Turf

  • A striking array of natural colour.

    Wildflower Turf will deliver stunning colour and contrast to any landscape. Using only native plants that support existing flora and fauna, Wildflower Turf will delight the eye and compliment landscapes in a range of diverse settings.

  • A low maintenance solution.

    Wildflower Turf’s unique ‘soil-less’ structure allows roots to bind together to form a thick mat. This carpet of roots naturally suppresses weed growth, avoiding the need for routine maintenance. An autumn cut is the minimum requirement for the upkeep of Wildflower Turf.

  • A versatile product with a wide range of applications.

    Wildflower Turf can be used for a wide range of landscaping projects including gardens, parks, estates, schools, verges, steep soil banks and urban spaces. Wildflower Turf’s unique properties make it lighter than a soil based turf, delivering an ideal solution for a green roof installation.

  • Speed and ease of establishment.

    Wildflower Turf is the fastest way to establish a wildflower landscape. Wildflower Turf’s unique ‘soil-less’ growing method allows roots to establish five times quicker than conventional turf.

Wildflower Turf generates significant advantages over the alternative methods of establishing a wildflower habitat.

The flower seeds mix in the turf is carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn. The plants in flower will vary through the spring and summer according to the different species of flowers in the turf. The emergence of flowers and the type of plants that flower will vary from year to year according to temperature, moisture and available nutrients. This will ensure that no two years are the same (as is the case with true wild flower meadows) and gives a constantly changing landscape.

The mix of native grasses and flower seeds are chosen to complement one another and not to compete against each other. This allows the flowers to succeed rather than be swamped by the grasses, a common problem with conventional soil based Wildflower Turf. The seed mix has been designed to give a high proportion of wildflowers as well as grasses. The 50% wildflower and 50% grass mix is unusual in this type of mix and is possible due to the soil-less system. Conventional Flower turf is typically sown at 20% wildflowers and 80% grass seeds. The great risk with this is that the grasses dominate the flowers and very few flowers grow as a result.

The formation of a dense sward of turf, combined with the large roll size, mean that this turf acts as a weed blanket where the plants grown in the turf get a head start. They are already established and so prevent the establishment of weed seeds that are inherent in the soil below the turf.

Once established CT Flora (Wildflower Turf) has the added advantage of requiring very little maintenance. It will not require fertilizing and only needs cutting in the autumn. During establishment it would need to be watered. Weeding should not be necessary due to the weed blanket affect of the turf.

A colourful, low maintenance and cost effective alternative

Low Maintenance – one to two cuts a year.

Shade and drought tolerant.

Suitable for a range of soil types.